BY :
Taimur Pervez
Course Duration :
3h 17m 28sec
Lessons :
Disks :
Video Format :
MP4 HD Quality
Course Language :
Urdu Hindi
Skills Required for Learn :
Besic Computer Knowladge
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Inpage Urdu Typing Course

Learn to increase Urdu Typing speed easily... With this tool you can write in unicode as well as in Inpage with the aid of phonetic keyboard..

Introduction To Inpage Urdu Version
Installation of inpage urdu and downloading
Environment of inpage
Introduction to toolbar
Uses of toolbar of inpage
How to write text in inpage 2009
How to set the page in inpage
Working on text property tool bar
How to install typing tutor of inpage
How to use typing tutor
How to work on text property bar
How to use arrow selection tool
Purpose of hand tool
Purpose of rotation tool
How to write text box tool and function of title text box tool
How to use link text chain tool
Purpose of inlink text chain tools
How to insert picture in inpage
How to insert picture in inpage
Purpose of rectangular picture tool box
How to use elliptical picture tool box
How to use rectangular tool
How to use elliptical tool
Uses of round rectangular tool
Use of line tool
How to use polygon tool

File Menu

How open new file
How to open file
How to close file
Difference between save and saveAs
Collect for output
Function of place, import, export and export page

Edit menu

Purpose of undo the last section

How to use cut, copy, and paste command

Purpose of paste special

How to use duplicate and clear command

How to use select all command

Purpose of top most

How to use send to back command

How to use bring to front command

How to use lock guide lines command

How to use story editor

Purpose of delete page

Purpose of preferences Menu

View menu

How to use fit in window command

Purpose of 50%, Actual size 200%

Facing page

Hide ribbon

Hide tool

Hide ruler

Hide guidelines

Show invisibles

Snap to object

How to convert text

Format menu

How to insert character


Purpose of hyphenation

Purpose of borders


Text wrap

Purpose of sort text

Purpose of table format

Table layout

How to insert object

Purpose of runaround

Purpose of insert

Master page objects



Style sheets

Purpose of define color

Insert and symbol menu

Purpose of page

Function of page number

How to insert date and time

Purpose of picture

How to insert table

Function of split table

Function of index entry

Function of object lock

Full discuss about symbol menu Full utilities menu

Language menu

Windows menu and Help menu

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